10 Things You Need to Know about Great Tennis Coaches

First of all, picking a great tennis coach that suits your child’s individual personality and contributes successfully to the technical and tactical development can be a hard decision. So, what makes tennis coaches great? What are the habits and things they do to make them great coaches?Moreover, these factors can easily be influenced by the relationship between the student and their coach, how the coach communicates with their players, the depth of knowledge, and the experience the coach possesses.

10 Things You Need to Know About Great Tennis Coaches:

1. Great Listeners

Further, A great coach doesn’t just focus on the technical development of their players. Therefore, they listen to their player’s concerns or excitement about their tennis games, tournaments, and development. Besides, coaches who are good listener creates a better bond with their player making communication better and helps enhance their player’s development over the years.

2. Excellent Motivators

In other words, coaches that are able to motivate their players to train hard, make changes, and never give up makes the difference between a good coach and a great coach.

Besides, playing tennis like any other sport can be tough at times. As a result, match wins; ranking points and the competitive nature of tennis can be hard on all young players. In addition, a great coach needs to be able to motivate their players to make positive change’s to their tennis technique and tactical awareness and to keep going through the tough times to achieve their tennis goals whether it be to win high-level junior tournaments or win weekly matches at a club level.

3. They not only communicate, but they also connect.

One of the key points to being a great tennis coach is connecting with your players. Moreover, coaches need to form a relationship with their players.  Above all, a coach that can make a lesson fun and educational and have the player’s full trust in the changes they are trying to make is a great coach.

4. Substantial teachers.

Teaching a child to play tennis can be hard, all be it a fun job. The amount of technical and tactical development that it takes a player to reach their full potential is enormous. However, a great coach needs to be a great teacher. They need to understand their students to fully enable the player’s full potential.

5. Care for their students.

However, great coach cares about their students! For instance, they take time to connect with their players, learn about their player’s lives and help push their players to reach their tennis and life goals.

6. They don’t only teach and coach the sport, they teach life skills and lessons.

In addition, the connection between a coach and their player means the coach is able to be part of the player’s life, give the player someone else to talk to, ask advice from and use as a role model.

7. Great coaches are not afraid of change.

They are not afraid of the changes in the games of tennis. These people are happy to grow with the game and their players. They understand that one way of teaching doesn’t suit every player and they are happy to adapt their style to suit individual players.

8. Never stop learning.

Most importantly, the game of tennis is ever-changing. So, a great tennis coach needs to be able to change with the game to give their players the best opportunity to accomplish their tennis goals.

Also, a great tennis coach never stops upskilling themselves. They read, watch videos, complete courses, and learn from watching the game to make themselves better coaches and better mentors to their players.

9. Great coaches are always punctual.

In addition, each player is different and will be working on different things with their coach. Certainly, this shows that coaches are has a strong responsibility for their role and demonstrates their eagerness to coach their students.

10. Great innovators.

Consequently, the definition of being an innovator is ‘to introduce something new; make changes in anything established.’
In other words, the coaches are not afraid of trying something different and being able to take advice from other coaches, their players and parents.

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