Tennis Tip: 5 Keys to Taking Your Tennis Game to the Next Level

University of North Texas Head Women’s Tennis Coach, Sujay Lama, offers a few great tips on how to take your game to the next level.

1. Mindset – have the right mind set, be willing and ready to give 100% effort.  Set short term goals and long term goals, be consistent and stick to your commitments and efforts.

2. Technical Tune-up – avoid bad habits and doing the same practice routine over and over again.  Have a pro or a coach assess your game and strokes.  Sometimes it requires only simple adjustments.

3. New Strategies – add variety to your game and understand defensive, offensive and neutral positions.  Work on court positioning for singles as well as for doubles.

4. Get Fit – hit the gym and add footwork drills to your practice regimen.  Both are key to improving your endurance, agility, strength, flexibility and speed.

5. Mental Toughness – there are many books available on mental toughness.  One prominent writer is Dr Jim Loehr – he has helped many top tennis pros and other top athletes.  I highly recommend reading one of his numerous books on mental toughness.  Yoga is also a good way to enhance the game through breathing exercises and postures.

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